Genesis, Myth or History w/ Alex Ditto and Joel Brown

Alex and Joel are both Christians but interpret the Christian Bible differently when it comes to the first few chapter of Genesis.  Alex understands those passages as myth and handles them in that way.  Joel understands them as historical accounts.  They each try to explain their views and why they have them.

Alex and Joel

Abortion, Responding, Pro-Life & Abolition w/ Ellie Boehlke

Ellie Boehlke, my daughter, is my guest.  We catch up with what she has been doing lately, then talk about abortion, what is an unborn baby, responding to abortion, the Pro-Life position and the Abolitionist’s position, and other related things.


Massage, Curiosity, and Adventure w/ Ann Karkoski

Ann is a massage therapist who specializes in Indian Head Massage.  She is curious about life, values growth, embraces adventure, and was a delight to talk with.

Ann’s website is at

Ann Karkoski

Dutch Culture, Secularism w/ Bas and Pieter

Bas and Pieter are brothers, both from the Netherlands.  Bas has been in the US for about 10 years and his brother, Pieter, is currently visiting.  We talk mainly with Pieter about Dutch culture and also about his personal move toward secularism.

Bas and Pieter

Making Disciples (Apprentices) of Jesus w/ Tim

In college a friend of Tim’s impacted his life by helping him follow Jesus more closely.  He was helping Tim become a disciple, or an apprentice, student, of Jesus.  Tim has been involved in this same activity since then, of helping others become and grow as disciples of Jesus.