Getting Good At Being A Man w/ Tony Lievanos

Tony’s life took a turn a number of years ago when he started getting more intentional about his own growth as a man.  Through relationships with other men, books, and learning through experience, Tony has become a servant leader.  We talk about what that has looked like in his life.


Sharing our Motherhood Experiences w/ Emily Buckel & Guest Host, Ellie Boehlke

Ellie and Emily chat about their motherhood experience and what they’ve learned so far.

Different Cultures and Gospel Emphases w/ Billy Jackson

Billy talks about the different needs other cultures have and how the Gospel of Jesus and his kingdom can meet them.

Billy Jackson

Hippie Parents, Conservative Life w/ Dave Sobota

Dave grew up with hippie parents and the unstable world that went along with that lifestyle, but his grandfather told him that there was another way to live.