Mainline Churches, Chaplaincy, Scripture w/ Rev Joe

Rev Joe is a pastor of Rock Presbyterian, a PCUSA church, and a hospital chaplain.  We talk about the distinctives of mainline churches, Rev Joe’s personal beliefs, serving as a chaplain, and regarding Scripture.

Rev Joe

Disappointment in Life & Connecting with God Through the Bible w/ Sarah Frazer

Sarah is the author of the recently released, “I Didn’t Sign Up for This – How to Rest in God’s Goodness When Your Story Shifts”.  Sarah tells us about herself and her own feelings of disappointment in life, and how she connected with God through the Bible.

Sarah offers many resources to help especially women study the Bible.  Her website is at

Sarah Frazer

Suffering and the Church w/ Amanda

Amanda shares some from her own experience of life not going as planned, how Jewish communities have reminded themselves of suffering, and how Jesus not only healed but fought against evil in the world as well.


Spiritual Strength for Suffering w/ Mark

I really enjoyed this conversation with Mark as we talked through how to think about suffering for gaining spiritual strength for it.


Suffering & God, Buddism w/ Mark

I enjoyed talking with Mark Gettemeyer, a fellow Cougar from the class of ’85, about what has shaped his beliefs in life.  We talk about the suffering his dad went through before death, the problem with that and the Christian God, his entry into Buddism, and what Mark’s life looks like now.

Mark Gettemeyer