Work Place Discrimination, Panama and Hispanic Culture, Transitions in Religion w/ Robert

Robert is an investigator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  We talk about his experience as and EEOC investigator, work place discrimination, Panama (where Robert grew up), Hispanic culture, and transitioning from Roman Catholicism to non-catholic Christianity.


Dutch Culture, Secularism w/ Bas and Pieter

Bas and Pieter are brothers, both from the Netherlands.  Bas has been in the US for about 10 years and his brother, Pieter, is currently visiting.  We talk mainly with Pieter about Dutch culture and also about his personal move toward secularism.

Bas and Pieter

Bolivian and Peruvian Cultures w/ James

James grew up in Peru and then spend most of his working life in Bolivia.  We talk about their cultures and how it differs from the US.



Indian Life & Culture w/ Abhi

Abhi is 32 and spent his life in India until 17 months ago.  We talk about the differences between Indian life and culture and the US.  We also talk about Abhi’s experience with Christianity.


From Russia to the US, Secular World View, Philosophy of Life w/ Olga

Olga grew up in the Soviet Union and moved to the US at the age of 21.  We talk about her world view and philosophy of life and how that compares to mine.