Political Life w/ Joe Moore

Joe Moore has worked as an attorney, representing the US federal government, and he has also been involved in several conservative political campaigns.  Now retired and in his 90’s, Joe lives in the Missouri Ozarks.

Joe Moore

Gun Politics & Responsible Use w/ Stephen, Jonny & Thomas Boelhke

An informative conversation on the appeal of guns, gun politics, practical ownership for the average person, responsible use, and contributing to our culture in a positive way when it comes to guns.



Voting Democrat, Handling History w/ Jason

I enjoyed a conversation with Jason, a fellow church member.  Even though our circles are predominately Republican, Jason decided to vote democrat in the last 2 presidential elections.  We talk about that and about handling our nation’s history, pledging to the flag and other things.


Playing, Teaching, Politics, & Core Beliefs w/ Skyler

I enjoyed a very satisfying conversation with Skyler.  My niece, Cassidy, and Skyler met in Thailand when Skylar was serving in the Peace Corp.  We talk about Skyler’s background in theater, his interest in teaching and the importance of play.  Then we take a turn and talk about politics.  Skyler is more left leaning than I am, and I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss some issues with him.  We transition once more and talk about core beliefs.

If you would like to hear more about Cassidy, she also was a guest on Conversations About Life at: https://willjackson.com/international-justice-mission-cassidy/

podcast guest, Skyler

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