Making Disciples (Apprentices) of Jesus w/ Tim

In college a friend of Tim’s impacted his life by helping him follow Jesus more closely.  He was helping Tim become a disciple, or an apprentice, student, of Jesus.  Tim has been involved in this same activity since then, of helping others become and grow as disciples of Jesus.


Engaging with Men in Business for Making Apprentices of Jesus w/ Will Cook

Will Cook is ministry coordinator for Legacy Builders, an organization investing in men, one life at a time, to help them become the men who God designed them to be.  We talk about Will’s conversion to Christianity in jail and his life afterwards.

Legacy Builders

Will Cook

So People Around The World Can Also Experience God’s Love w/ Fabian


Fabian is from Columbia and wants to serve God by serving others so that they might know God’s love and peace.

Tracts and Bumper Stickers w/ Tim Berends

Tim Berends has enjoyed a career in radio and strives to make a bold proclamation to as many people as possible about our need to be saved from our sin and it’s penalty.

Tim Berends

Engaging with Others, Both Inside and Outside the Christian Faith w/ Nevin

I enjoyed a conversation with Nevin and getting his thoughts on some things I’ve been thinking about, namely reaching out to others who are different than me.  I appreciate Nevin’s perspective.

Nevin’s a pastor/elder in Missouri.

podcast guest

Rockport Baptist Church

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