Fishing, Relationships, Intention w/ Jacob

Jacob is a young man who enjoys a solid, loving family.  We talk about his growing up, conversion to Christianity, is love of fishing, relationships, and how he tries to grow in these different areas of life each year.


Getting Good At Being A Man w/ Tony Lievanos

Tony’s life took a turn a number of years ago when he started getting more intentional about his own growth as a man.  Through relationships with other men, books, and learning through experience, Tony has become a servant leader.  We talk about what that has looked like in his life.


Becoming Who We Where Created To Be w/ Julia Woods

It was really a privilege to talk with Julia Woods.  Julia is a marriage communication coach.  We talk about Julia’s journey of becoming who she was created to be, the beliefs that are behind how we feel and act, relationship with God, and books that have influenced her.  I enjoyed this and hope you do too.

Julia Woods


Path of Christian Experience and Growth w/ Adam

Adam and I talk about his experience as a Christian, interests and influences.

podcast guest

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