Searching For More w/ Sun

Sun spent her first 30 years in China and came to the United States to pursue her master’s degree.  We talk about her belief that there is something more than the naturalistic world, differences between China and the United States, experiencing Christian churches, and meaningful relationships with other people.


So People Around The World Can Also Experience God’s Love w/ Fabian


Fabian is from Columbia and wants to serve God by serving others so that they might know God’s love and peace.

Thoughts About Parenting, Attachment Theory w/ Ellie, Gracie and Me

I sit down with my daughter’s Ellie and Gracie and we talk about parenting.  I share what my own philosophy of parenting was when my children were young, what I think we did right, what I think we did wrong, etc.  Ellie, a parent of two, talks about parenting her children and what she’s learnt from attachment theory.

Will, Gracie, Ellie

World Traveling, Climbing Mountains w/ RJ

RJ and his wife, Matty, are staying in my Airbnb just down the street.  We talk about their life style of traveling, RJ’s approach to day-to-day life, God, and having children.