Deconstruction And Coming Back To Jesus w/ Wendy Francisco

Wendy is a musician, artist and wife of Don Francisco.  They live in  Mancos, Colorado, where they enjoy the San Juan mountains.  Wendy talks about problems she has with Christianity as it is commonly practiced today.

Wendy Francisco

Roman Catholic Christianity & What It Means To Dennis

Dennis teaches RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults).  We talk about why he’s a Roman Catholic and what it means to him.


Indian Life & Culture w/ Abhi

Abhi is 32 and spent his life in India until 17 months ago.  We talk about the differences between Indian life and culture and the US.  We also talk about Abhi’s experience with Christianity.


Finding God, Meeting People w/ Chris

Chris’ parents were born in Cuba.  We talk about how Chris found God as a teenager, his family, meeting people, and going forward in life.