Finding a Real Relationship with God w/ Kathy Hawkins

Kathy grew up in religion but found a real relationship with God later in life.  She talks about her earlier years of religion and guilt and what her life is like now.

Kathy’s Real Talk YouTube playlist – link


Living To Love w/ Norm Wakefield

Norm is the executive director of Spirit of Elijah Ministries International.  He’s also the author of several books including “Equipped to Love” and “Live to Love”.  We talk about experiencing God’s love and loving others with the love he supplies.

Spirit of Elijah Ministries

Live To Love With Jesus

Norm Wakefield

Something Better Than Comfort w/ Michelle

Michelle and her husband, Gary, have adopted and fostered a houseful of kids and have traveled to other countries, trying to be faithful to what they believed God was calling them to.  Their lives has been more than they could have imagined and they are still at it.


God’s Providence in Ordeal w/ Joy

Joy and her husband were sentenced to prison.  We talk about that experience and God’s sustaining providence.

Joy’s blog is at


Restless w/ Bill and Sandi Graf

I had the pleasure of talking with Bill and Sandi Graf who are on staff at the Rio Grande Bible College in Edinburgh, Texas.  We talk about Bill’s restlessness as a young man, their marriage, and then their missionary service.

Sandi and Bill