Different Cultures and Gospel Emphases w/ Billy Jackson

Billy talks about the different needs other cultures have and how the Gospel of Jesus and his kingdom can meet them.

Billy Jackson

Hippie Parents, Conservative Life w/ Dave Sobota

Dave grew up with hippie parents and the unstable world that went along with that lifestyle, but his grandfather told him that there was another way to live.

Death and Being Shaped by God w/ Sarah Harvey

Sarah lost her husband to cancer with 6 young children.  She talks about how death shaped both her and her husband as he was approaching death.  She also talks about prayer, trusting God, and helping others who are facing the death of a loved one.

Sarah Harvey

Tracts and Bumper Stickers w/ Tim Berends

Tim Berends has enjoyed a career in radio and strives to make a bold proclamation to as many people as possible about our need to be saved from our sin and it’s penalty.

Tim Berends

Conversion and De-conversion, Scientifically Minded w/ Dr Rich Feldenberg

Dr Rich grew up without belief in God but became a Christian as an adult through the influence of some friends.  After a 12 year stint in Christianity, he left Christianity.  We talk about that and his thoughts about God, science, and related things.

Dr Rich Feldenberg