Restless w/ Bill and Sandi Graf

I had the pleasure of talking with Bill and Sandi Graf who are on staff at the Rio Grande Bible College in Edinburgh, Texas.  We talk about Bill’s restlessness as a young man, their marriage, and then their missionary service.

Sandi and Bill

From Drugs and Jail to Purpose and Joy w/ Rob

We talk about Rob’s life change when his life was impacted by the Christian message.

guest - Rob

Valuing History, Prison, Being Shaped By God, Traditional Catholicism w/ Matt Epstein

Matt is a very pleasant man who is also knowledgeable and thoughtful.  We talk about his education as a historian, a turn-of-life event that ended up with Matt in prison, how God has shaped him, and the reason Matt values traditional Catholicism w/ the Latin mass.

Matt Epstein

From Russia to the US, Secular World View, Philosophy of Life w/ Olga

Olga grew up in the Soviet Union and moved to the US at the age of 21.  We talk about her world view and philosophy of life and how that compares to mine.


Christian in South Africa, Cultures, Freelancing & Marketing w/ Kyle Prinsloo

Kyle is from South Africa.  He’s married to an Indian woman, became a Christian as a young adult, and left traditional employment in marketing to become a freelancer.  We talk about Christianity, South Africa and US cultures, and freelancing and marketing.

For more information about Kyle –

podcast guest
Kyle Prinsloo