New Life of Knowing God w/ Addie

Addie and her husband, Stetson, recently discovered a new life in knowing God.  Addie tells of that process of discovering God with her husband and what life is like for her now.


Reaching 100 Years w/ Catherine Daniels

Miss Daniels recently celebrated her 100th birthday.  We chat a bit about her life and her trust in God.

Catherine Daniels

Adventure, Grieving, & Faith w/ Gayle Wills

Gayle Wills talks about her growing up years, Christian conversion at age 30, grieving during the last few years, and the ongoing need to trust God.


Restless w/ Bill and Sandi Graf

I had the pleasure of talking with Bill and Sandi Graf who are on staff at the Rio Grande Bible College in Edinburgh, Texas.  We talk about Bill’s restlessness as a young man, their marriage, and then their missionary service.

Sandi and Bill