The Jewish Faith w/ David

David is Jewish and has lived a good part of his life in Israel.  We talk about Israel, David’s time in prison and how he grew from that experience, and about what it means to be Jewish and David’s Jewish faith.


Growing, Serving, Jewish Life w/ Tehilla Aloni

Tehilla Aloni is from Israel, a business woman, a business consultant, mom, former military boot camp instructor and judo champion.  We talk about her Jewish practice, what she values in life, and how as a boot camp instructor she transitioned to helping others achieve their goals.

Tehilla’s website

Tehilla Aloni

Orthodox Judaism w/ Rabbi Ze’ev Smason

Rabbi Ze’ev Smason and I talk about Orthodox Judaism and how it differs from Christianity.

You can learn more about Rabbi Ze’ev Smason’s work with Coalition for Jewish Values at

Rabbi Ze’ev Smason

Conversion from Judaism to Christianity w/ Jerry Willick

Jerry grew up in a nominal Jewish family but has since then converted to Christianity and is active in the Roman Catholic tradition.  We enjoy a cup of coffee and talk about Jerry’s conversion, and some of the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism.

Jerry Willick

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