A Marriage Relationship w/ Jim and Sandy

Jim and Sandy have enjoyed a stable marriage, raised children and are now enjoying grandchildren.  They talk about meeting each other, their Christian faith, being committed to the relationship through difficult times and enjoy activities together.

Jim and Sandy

Work Place Discrimination, Panama and Hispanic Culture, Transitions in Religion w/ Robert

Robert is an investigator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  We talk about his experience as and EEOC investigator, work place discrimination, Panama (where Robert grew up), Hispanic culture, and transitioning from Roman Catholicism to non-catholic Christianity.


Alzheimer’s, Early-Onset, Care Giving w/ Dave Myers

Dave’s wife, Cheryl, was diagnosed with alzheimer’s at the age of 47.  We talk about the disease itself, prevention, and Dave’s experience caring for Cheryl.

Dave Myers

Disappointment in Life & Connecting with God Through the Bible w/ Sarah Frazer

Sarah is the author of the recently released, “I Didn’t Sign Up for This – How to Rest in God’s Goodness When Your Story Shifts”.  Sarah tells us about herself and her own feelings of disappointment in life, and how she connected with God through the Bible.

Sarah offers many resources to help especially women study the Bible.  Her website is at sarahefrazer.com

Sarah Frazer