Voting Democrat, Handling History w/ Jason

I enjoyed a conversation with Jason, a fellow church member.  Even though our circles are predominately Republican, Jason decided to vote democrat in the last 2 presidential elections.  We talk about that and about handling our nation’s history, pledging to the flag and other things.


Enjoying Jesus, Roman Catholicism w/ Thomas Wurtz

Thomas Wurtz is an author, missionary, husband and father.  We talk about Jesus, the beauty of Jesus, Roman Catholicism, differences with protestantism, and enjoying Jesus.

Thomas Wurtz

All About Two Special Young People w/ Stuart and Jennifer

There’s really no theme to our conversation.  We bounce around all over.  But, Stuart and Jennifer are two special people, raising some wonderful children, and I’m glad for the opportunity to learn more about them.  Jennifer grew up in Bolivia and is busy at being a mom.  Stuart is involved in local radio among other things.

Jennifer and Stuart

Enjoying God w/ Jonathan Staley

Jonathan and I talked about enjoying God, “heart knowledge” vs just head knowledge of God, how God communicates to us with story, and things that have impacted Jonathan’s life.


Digging For Peace With God In The Midst Of Chaos w/ Dr. Brad Tucker

I enjoyed this conversation with Dr Brad Tucker and his perspective on walking with God in the midst of a chaotic world.  Brad is an educator at the Brown School of Washington University in St. Louis.  He grew up in Africa with missionary parents.

Dr Brad Tucker