Language, Russia, Homeschooling, Knowing w/ Sarah Moeller

Sarah talks about her upbringing, experience in Russia, thoughts about language, and knowing rather than being able to prove.

Sarah Moeller



Missionary to Papua, Indonesia w/ Trevor Johnson

Trevor Johnson has been a missionary in Indonesia since 2007.  We talk about the people of Papua, US Americans, his work, and the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Trevor’s website:

Trevor Johnson

Conversation With “The Cordial Catholic” – Keith Little

Keith is the podcast host of, “The Cordial Catholic”.  He’s a evangelical convert to Roman Catholicism.  Keith gives us an overview of his story of conversion.  We also talk about Mary, being justified before God, and fellowship between Protestants and Roman Catholics.

K Albert Little

Roman Catholicism From A Protestant Perspective w/ Scott Lee

My pastor, Scott Lee, talked with me about differences between Roman Catholics and protestants, why the differences, and his views of them from as a protestant.  This was in preparation for a similar conversation I hope to record with K. Albert Little, host of “The Cordial Catholic”, for an upcoming episode.

Scott Lee