Making Disciples (Apprentices) of Jesus w/ Tim

In college a friend of Tim’s impacted his life by helping him follow Jesus more closely.  He was helping Tim become a disciple, or an apprentice, student, of Jesus.  Tim has been involved in this same activity since then, of helping others become and grow as disciples of Jesus.


Growing, Serving, Jewish Life w/ Tehilla Aloni

Tehilla Aloni is from Israel, a business woman, a business consultant, mom, former military boot camp instructor and judo champion.  We talk about her Jewish practice, what she values in life, and how as a boot camp instructor she transitioned to helping others achieve their goals.

Tehilla’s website

Tehilla Aloni

Bipolar, Connection with God, Serving Others w/ Aaron

Aaron works with mentally disadvantaged people at Ponybird, helping them to meet their goals.  Aaron struggles with bipolar disorder himself.  Bipolar has helped him to know God’s love more intimately, and trust in God has helped Aaron endure bipolar disorder.


“Lift Up the Vulnerable” w/ Robert Riggs

Rob is chief operations officer for Lift Up the Vulnerable, and organization who’s mission is to prevent the trafficking and oppression of vulnerable children and women and empower them to be change-makers in their communities.  We talk about Rob, his passion, Life Up the Vulnerable, and personal growth and love.

The audio on my end sounds really bad.  Sorry.  I’m not sure what happened.  But Rob sounds fine and I hope my audio is not too much of a distraction from the really good content from Rob’s replies to my questions.

website of Lift Up The Vulnerable

Something Better Than Comfort w/ Michelle

Michelle and her husband, Gary, have adopted and fostered a houseful of kids and have traveled to other countries, trying to be faithful to what they believed God was calling them to.  Their lives has been more than they could have imagined and they are still at it.