Christian Church Planting & Bringing Others Into Christianity w/ Billy

Billy lives on the Texas/Mexico border and works at the Rio Grande Bible College leading a video/photography team. We talk about the state of the Christian church in the world, church planting and evangelism.


Called To Pastor w/ Jake

Pastor Jake started working out what he believed early, concerning Christianity.  It diverged a little from the church and community he grew up in.  After trying teaching and experiencing the worst year of his life, Pastor Jake started pastoring, which is what he desired to do all along.

Pastor Jake

Teaching and Training Young People w/ Tyler

Tyler is a grade school teacher and also works with youth at his church.  We talk about that and Tyler’s own journey in the Christian faith.


Pastoring, Serving w/ Jim

Jim has been influential in my own life, and he has been pastoring a small church for 42 years.  We talk about Jim coming to St. Louis after being raised on a farm, getting involved with a city church, and then becoming a pastor of a small church just a few years later.


Making Disciples (Apprentices) of Jesus w/ Tim

In college a friend of Tim’s impacted his life by helping him follow Jesus more closely.  He was helping Tim become a disciple, or an apprentice, student, of Jesus.  Tim has been involved in this same activity since then, of helping others become and grow as disciples of Jesus.