A Well Lived Life w/ Mrs Brush

Mrs Brush is a fit and active 92 year old.  She talks about feeding her body with good stuff, but also being careful to feed her mind with good stuff.  Mrs Brush comes from a Christian perspective.

Mrs Brush

Mind & Body & Feelings w/ Jesh De Rox

Jesh is an explorer of joy.  We talk about a bunch of stuff related to that in this conversation.

Jesh’s website: www.jeshderox.com

Jesh De Rox

Language, Russia, Homeschooling, Knowing w/ Sarah Moeller

Sarah talks about her upbringing, experience in Russia, thoughts about language, and knowing rather than being able to prove.

Sarah Moeller



Missionary to Papua, Indonesia w/ Trevor Johnson

Trevor Johnson has been a missionary in Indonesia since 2007.  We talk about the people of Papua, US Americans, his work, and the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Trevor’s website: http://trevorjohnsonministries.org/

Trevor Johnson