God’s Providence in Ordeal w/ Joy

Joy and her husband were sentenced to prison.  We talk about that experience and God’s sustaining providence.

Joy’s blog is at www.cheerfulwomen.com/


Restless w/ Bill and Sandi Graf

I had the pleasure of talking with Bill and Sandi Graf who are on staff at the Rio Grande Bible College in Edinburgh, Texas.  We talk about Bill’s restlessness as a young man, their marriage, and then their missionary service.

Sandi and Bill

Young Man in Tech, Reasons for Believing, Encouraging Children w/ Samual Stoner

Sam is a 22 year old electrical engineer.  We talk about his work, reasons he believes in the Bible, why encouraging children is a good thing for adults to do, and what makes a “good life”.

Sam Stoner

Learning & Serving in Tech Education from Canada w/ Kevin Powell

Kevin has a background in web development and is now a full time educator, specializing in CSS, which is what makes web pages look good.  We talk about Kevin’s career, philosophy of life, the impact his high school drama teacher made on him, and how life where he lives in Canada compares to the US.

Kevin’s website is at https://www.kevinpowell.co/

Kevin Powell