Growing Up in The Jackson Home w/ Cindy, Jeff & Will

My sister, brother and myself talk about what it was like growing up in our family.

Will, Cindy, Jeff

From an Orphan in Germany During WWII to The Missouri Ozarks w/ Bernie

Bernie is a neighbor of my parents in the Missouri Ozarks.  His childhood started out in Germany during the war where he lost both parents.  Adoption brought him to the United States.  We talk about his life.


Same Sex Attraction in the Church & Living in a Sexualized Culture w/ Sean Maney

This conversation is with Sean Maney of First Light, a St. Louis based ministry that is dedicated to sexual integrity and helping people live a life according to God’s standards on sexuality.  We start off the conversation talking about the same sex attraction in the church, the idea of identifying as a celebrate gay Christian, and then move on to talk about the broader issue that First Light is involved in, which is God’s standards on sexuality for everyone.

Sean Maney

First Light Website

Handling Emotions in a Healthy Way w/ Jenna Barbosa

Jenna is an emotional freedom and life coach.  We talk about handling emotions in a healthy way, Jenna’s book, “Tenacious Grace”, and Jenna’s experience with Christianity.


Jenna’s website,