Jesus Is Everything w/ Jay Y. Kim

Jay Y. Kim serves as lead pastor at WestGate Church in the Silicon Valley of California and teacher-in-residence at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, California. He’s the author of several books, including Analog Church and Analog Christian. His writing has been featured in Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, and other publications. Jay, his wife, and their two young children call the Silicon Valley of California their home.

We talk about his recent Bible study guide on the biblical book of Colossians, which is all about the supremacy of Jesus.

Jay Y Kim

Disappointment in Life & Connecting with God Through the Bible w/ Sarah Frazer

Sarah is the author of the recently released, “I Didn’t Sign Up for This – How to Rest in God’s Goodness When Your Story Shifts”.  Sarah tells us about herself and her own feelings of disappointment in life, and how she connected with God through the Bible.

Sarah offers many resources to help especially women study the Bible.  Her website is at

Sarah Frazer

Genesis, Myth or History w/ Alex Ditto and Joel Brown

Alex and Joel are both Christians but interpret the Christian Bible differently when it comes to the first few chapter of Genesis.  Alex understands those passages as myth and handles them in that way.  Joel understands them as historical accounts.  They each try to explain their views and why they have them.

Alex and Joel

A Life Built on Learning from the Bible w/ Dick

Dick was raised in a Christian tradition but it didn’t become personal in his life until his 20’s, and then it became the most important thing.  Dick has studied the Bible, but his life upon what he’s found there, and now teaches the Bible to others as well.



A Life Based on “The Word” w/ Steve

Steve is a retired businessman who is currently involved in prison ministry and discipleship groups.  Steve talks about growing as a Christian through life.