Fighting Cancer, Treasuring Moments w/ Christina

Christina was diagnosed about a year ago with triple-negative breast cancer.  She is cancer free now but will still be under treatment for a few more months.  We talk about her experience with cancer, remembering special moments with family, her marriage, and her faith in God.


Today’s Church w/ Brian Gardner, Executive Director of White Flag Church

Brian is executive director of White Flag Church in Oakville, MO.  We talk about his entrance into the Christian faith, Christians interacting, the church experience, church growth and making disciples.

White Flag’s website is

Brian Gardner

Bulletproof Optimism w/ Chris Becker

Chris Becker has been a pro photographer, a leader and speaker among photographers, and is now a fat loss coach. We talk about his philosophy of life and his optimism.

Chris’ website is

Chris Becker

Informal Fallacies and Arguing Well w/ Ed Bowen

Ed is an apologist and connected to Engage 360 Ministries (  We talk about common informal fallacies and arguing graciously in a profitable way.

Ed Bowen


Discovering the Unbelievable is Really True w/ Ethan

Ethan was seeking for a long time with psychedelics, religions and philosophies.  After reading C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” he didn’t want to dismiss Christianity’s audacious claims without praying to God that if they were true, God would show him.  Ethan didn’t think they could possibly be true, but then he came to find out that they were.