Same Sex Attraction in the Church & Living in a Sexualized Culture w/ Sean Maney

This conversation is with Sean Maney of First Light, a St. Louis based ministry that is dedicated to sexual integrity and helping people live a life according to God’s standards on sexuality.  We start off the conversation talking about the same sex attraction in the church, the idea of identifying as a celebrate gay Christian, and then move on to talk about the broader issue that First Light is involved in, which is God’s standards on sexuality for everyone.

Sean Maney

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Addiction, Sobriety & Life w/ Heather

Heather has recently experienced 17 years of sobriety.  She talks about addiction to alcohol, an experience with God, treatment, relationships, truth, routines and her Roman Catholic faith.

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Conversion, Loving God, Relationships w/ Jerry Williams of Harvest

Jerry Williams founded the Christian band, Harvest.  We talk about his conversion to Christianity, his Love for God, and relationships.

Harvest album cover
Harvest Album Cover – “Voices”

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A Traveling Pediatrician’s Perspective Of The US, Healthcare & Families w/ Cynthia

Cynthia is a traveling pediatrician who enjoys traveling adventure and lives on an ocean going sail boat with her partner, Skip, when she is not working. We talk about where she has lived and work, our healthcare system, families, and what Cynthia does for her own mental and physical well being.