Engaging with Men in Business for Making Apprentices of Jesus w/ Will Cook

Will Cook is ministry coordinator for Legacy Builders, an organization investing in men, one life at a time, to help them become the men who God designed them to be.  We talk about Will’s conversion to Christianity in jail and his life afterwards.

Legacy Builders

Will Cook

Blindness and Schizophrenia After Auto Accident w/ DeAnna

DeAnna is a neighbor who has suffered from blindness and schizophrenia after a head on collusion with a truck 24 years ago.  We have a brief conversation about what that is like for her.


Usefulness of Apologetics, Problem of Evil, Engage 360 w/ Ed Bowen

Ed Bowen is educated in  Christian apologetics.  We talk about it’s usefulness, the problem of evil and Engage 360, the organization Ed is involved with.

Ed’s email address is ed.bowen@e360m.org

Engage 360’s website is www.e360m.org

Ed Bowen
Ed Bowen

KJV, Dispensationalism, Unity Around the Essentials w/ Jamie

Jamie and I talk about Jamie’s view of the Bible and some of the distinctive viewpoints he has. We also talk about his Christian experience and about the unity we can have despite the differences we have.