Called To Pastor w/ Jake

Pastor Jake started working out what he believed early, concerning Christianity.  It diverged a little from the church and community he grew up in.  After trying teaching and experiencing the worst year of his life, Pastor Jake started pastoring, which is what he desired to do all along.

Pastor Jake

Rapping w/ Ahmad, Marcus, Nick

Ahmad is a rapper.  Marcus and Nick support Ahmad in his art.  Ahmad was in St Louis for a performance and we sat down to talk about life.

Nick, Marcus, Ahmad

New Life of Knowing God w/ Addie

Addie and her husband, Stetson, recently discovered a new life in knowing God.  Addie tells of that process of discovering God with her husband and what life is like for her now.


Adventure, Purpose, Making a Difference w/ Allison

Allison Knaup works with LegalShield and is also a school tutor.  We talk about her adventures, growth, influences, life purpose, and friendship.

Allison’s website with LegalShield –