Philosophy For Life w/ Joel

Joel is a professor and student of philosophy, currently working toward his PhD.  We talk about what philosophy is, some philosophical questions concerning the Christian faith, Alvin Plantinga, David Hume, and day-to-day philosophical pursuits for the common person.


Thinking Through Preterism, Calvinism & Open Theism w/ Richard Sire

Richard has thought about preterism (the idea of some in Christian faith that most of the prophesies concerning the end of the age took place in the 1st century), Calvinism (the idea of some in the Christian faith that the salvation of individuals from God’s punishment of sin is 100% his doing), and open theism (the idea of some in the Christian faith of the free will of man and even God doesn’t know for sure how it will play out).  We talk about that, and we also talk about Rich’s love of music and his Steinway piano.