Mainline Churches, Chaplaincy, Scripture w/ Rev Joe

Rev Joe is a pastor of Rock Presbyterian, a PCUSA church, and a hospital chaplain.  We talk about the distinctives of mainline churches, Rev Joe’s personal beliefs, serving as a chaplain, and regarding Scripture.

Rev Joe

Moving Forward w/ Clyde

Clyde recently started jiu-jitsu at age 63.  His philosophy of life is about figuring things out and moving forward.  We talk about what that has looked like in his life.


Communication In Marriage w/ Ann Visser

Ann Visser is a life coach, speaker and trainer with 4 Better 4 Ever.  She’s on a mission to equip Christian women to communicate confidently and clearly for a closer connection.  We talk about marriage and communication.

Ann’s website is

Ann Visser


Fishing, Relationships, Intention w/ Jacob

Jacob is a young man who enjoys a solid, loving family.  We talk about his growing up, conversion to Christianity, is love of fishing, relationships, and how he tries to grow in these different areas of life each year.


Teaching and Training Young People w/ Tyler

Tyler is a grade school teacher and also works with youth at his church.  We talk about that and Tyler’s own journey in the Christian faith.