Abortion, Responding, Pro-Life & Abolition w/ Ellie Boehlke

Ellie Boehlke, my daughter, is my guest.  We catch up with what she has been doing lately, then talk about abortion, what is an unborn baby, responding to abortion, the Pro-Life position and the Abolitionist’s position, and other related things.


Loss, Art and Kombucha w/ William of Confluence Kombucha

William of Confluence Kombucha creates many wonderful and interesting flavors of Kombucha and other fermented food.  William share his own story, how that ended up with Kombucha, and where he’s moving next.


Following Jesus w/ James Barnett

James Barnett is founder and executive director of Neighborly, and organization that exist to help others see, love, and join those in the margins.  James talks about following Jesus.

Neighborly’s website is at thatsneighborly.org

James Barnett