God Likes Me w/ Sarah

Sarah is the mother of 4 young children, wife to my son, Billy, and lives on the  Texas/Mexico border at the Rio Grande Bible College campus.  We talk about what Sarah likes about God, her experience of caring for an elderly woman, love, growing, discipline, mothering, and more.


Musing About Division and Unity of the Christian Church w/ Billy

My son, Billy, and I talk about what who should be considered a brother or sister Christian, the Christian church being divided into denominations, and the New Testament teaching of unity.


An Overview of the Catholic Faith w/ Deacon Dave and Guest Host, Ellie

Ellie interviews Deacon Dave about his Catholic Faith, what it means to him, and how it differs from other religions

Differing Christian Faith Traditions, Closeness to God & Busyness w/ Paula

Paula was a home school mom of 4 boys but is enjoying a different stage of life right now after her boys have become young men.  She has also been visiting churches of different faith traditions (currently visiting a Lutheran church) with her husband, Nevin.  We talk about all that and also Paula’s experience with God.


Lot’s of Siblings, Relationships, Meaning in Life w/ Joshua

Josh grew up in a family of 17 kids.  He talks about what that was like and the relationships he has with his siblings.  We also talk about what Christianity is like for him.