A Life Built on Learning from the Bible w/ Dick

Dick was raised in a Christian tradition but it didn’t become personal in his life until his 20’s, and then it became the most important thing.  Dick has studied the Bible, but his life upon what he’s found there, and now teaches the Bible to others as well.



Unmerited Favor w/ Glenn Kaiser of Resurrection Band

Glenn Kaiser led the Christian rock band Resurrection Band and has since been a part of the Glenn Kaiser Band and solo work.  We talk about Glenn’s conversion to Christianity, relationships and unmerited favor.

podcast guest
Glenn Kaiser at Cornerstone Festival in 2004

Embracing Life Adventure and Achievement, Relationships w/ Ryan Horn

Ryan is optimistic about his future and full of ambition and hope.  He’s also a world traveler and enjoys a broader cultural understanding that comes from traveling and living abroad.

Ryan Horn

A Life Based on “The Word” w/ Steve

Steve is a retired businessman who is currently involved in prison ministry and discipleship groups.  Steve talks about growing as a Christian through life.


Intimacy with God, Dedication to Reality w/ Read Wall

Read Wall is a physical therapist and kung fu instructor, also a husband and father.  We talk about what God is most interested in when it comes to us, and the importance of dedication to reality.