Christian in South Africa, Cultures, Freelancing & Marketing w/ Kyle Prinsloo

Kyle is from South Africa.  He’s married to an Indian woman, became a Christian as a young adult, and left traditional employment in marketing to become a freelancer.  We talk about Christianity, South Africa and US cultures, and freelancing and marketing.

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Kyle Prinsloo

Relating to Transgender People, Homosexuals and Alternative Politics in a Christian Worldview w/ Alex

Alex has an academic background in Christian theology and philosophy.  We talk about relating to transgender people, pronouns, homosexual marriage and Christian anarchy.


Political Life w/ Joe Moore

Joe Moore has worked as an attorney, representing the US federal government, and he has also been involved in several conservative political campaigns.  Now retired and in his 90’s, Joe lives in the Missouri Ozarks.

Joe Moore

Family, Relationships and Personal Growth w/ Luke

Luke is a young man of 20 who is impressive in his personal growth.  We talk about that, family and friend relationships, the Christian scripture and more.