Fishing, Relationships, Intention w/ Jacob

Jacob is a young man who enjoys a solid, loving family.  We talk about his growing up, conversion to Christianity, is love of fishing, relationships, and how he tries to grow in these different areas of life each year.


“Friendship” w/ Kimberly and Cindy

Kimberly and Cindy have been friends since they were young women.  We talk about friendship, long distant friendship, nurturing friendship, and other related topics.

Will, Cindy, and Kimberly

Experiencing and Walking w/ God, Relationships in Life w/ Will Nunn

Will Nunn grew up in a tumultuous setting but encountered God early.  He now lives a life of walking with God.  We talk about all that, family relationships, and Jesus’s atonement.

Will Nunn

Relationship with God & Relationships with People w/ Susan Rhodes

Susan Rhodes is starting a nonprofit called Ripple Affect.  It’s an organization that helps women connect and enjoy relationships with one another.  There’s a lot of good information in this conversation about relating to God and relationships with people.

podcast guest
Susan Rhodes

St Louis League of Empowering Gentlemen w/ Jason Pierce

Jason is an architect, city dweller and founder of The Saint Louis League of Empowering Gentlemen.  We met at his home and talked about city neighborhoods, the men’s group he started, and the things that have impacted his life.


St. Louis League of Empowering Gentlemen

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