Communication In Marriage w/ Ann Visser

Ann Visser is a life coach, speaker and trainer with 4 Better 4 Ever.  She’s on a mission to equip Christian women to communicate confidently and clearly for a closer connection.  We talk about marriage and communication.

Ann’s website is

Ann Visser


A Marriage Relationship w/ Jim and Sandy

Jim and Sandy have enjoyed a stable marriage, raised children and are now enjoying grandchildren.  They talk about meeting each other, their Christian faith, being committed to the relationship through difficult times and enjoy activities together.

Jim and Sandy

A Newly Married Couple Discuss Their Courtship

I enjoyed a conversation with my daughter, Ellie, and her new husband, Jonny.  We talked about their courtship before their wedding.  We also talked about a book they read together titled, “Equipped To Love” by Norm Wakefield.


“Equipped to Love” by Norm Wakefield

Ellie’s Blog

Note: The audio quality of these early episodes is not very good. It gets progressively better with each episode as I learn to record and produce better audio.