Adventure, Purpose, Making a Difference w/ Allison

Allison Knaup works with LegalShield and is also a school tutor.  We talk about her adventures, growth, influences, life purpose, and friendship.

Allison’s website with LegalShield –


Massage, Curiosity, and Adventure w/ Ann Karkoski

Ann is a massage therapist who specializes in Indian Head Massage.  She is curious about life, values growth, embraces adventure, and was a delight to talk with.

Ann’s website is at

Ann Karkoski

Embracing Life Adventure and Achievement, Relationships w/ Ryan Horn

Ryan is optimistic about his future and full of ambition and hope.  He’s also a world traveler and enjoys a broader cultural understanding that comes from traveling and living abroad.

Ryan Horn

Sharing Adventure w/ Russ

Russ enjoys mission trips and enjoys introducing the adventure to others.  He also enjoys church camp and being active.  We talk about all that and more.


Life and Adventure w/ John and Stephanie

John likes order and tradition.  Stephanie likes change.  They both have a philosophy of life based on Christianity.  We talk about that, their lives thus far, and lessons learned along the way.

John and Stephanie