Living In The Unknown: Cancer w/ Brian

Brian dealt with blood cancer 2007 and then 10 years later, starting in 2017 with sarcoma cancer.  Brian talks about his experience with cancer and trusting in God.


Alzheimer’s, Early-Onset, Care Giving w/ Dave Myers

Dave’s wife, Cheryl, was diagnosed with alzheimer’s at the age of 47.  We talk about the disease itself, prevention, and Dave’s experience caring for Cheryl.

Dave Myers

Evil, Free Will, Growing Stronger w/ Anna

Anna was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 13 and was a victim of sexual assault.  She talks about her Christian faith and the work of healing from the evil she’s experienced.

podcast guest

Reaching 100 Years w/ Catherine Daniels

Miss Daniels recently celebrated her 100th birthday.  We chat a bit about her life and her trust in God.

Catherine Daniels

Adventure, Grieving, & Faith w/ Gayle Wills

Gayle Wills talks about her growing up years, Christian conversion at age 30, grieving during the last few years, and the ongoing need to trust God.