Evil, Free Will, Growing Stronger w/ Anna

Anna was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 13 and was a victim of sexual assault.  She talks about her Christian faith and the work of healing from the evil she’s experienced.

podcast guest

Art Therapy w/ Bonita

Bonita and I enjoy a conversation about what art therapy is and how she got involved in it.  We also talk about PTSD, mental health, connection to other people, relationships and her Christian faith.


Bipolar, Connection with God, Serving Others w/ Aaron

Aaron works with mentally disadvantaged people at Ponybird, helping them to meet their goals.  Aaron struggles with bipolar disorder himself.  Bipolar has helped him to know God’s love more intimately, and trust in God has helped Aaron endure bipolar disorder.


Faith and a Battle with Depression w/ Abby and guest host, Ellie

Abby and Ellie talk about Abby’s life, how she came to cherish her faith, and her current battles with depression and anxiety.

guest host and guest
Ellie and Abby

Handling Emotions in a Healthy Way w/ Jenna Barbosa

Jenna is an emotional freedom and life coach.  We talk about handling emotions in a healthy way, Jenna’s book, “Tenacious Grace”, and Jenna’s experience with Christianity.


Jenna’s website, jennabarbosa.com