Growing, Serving, Jewish Life w/ Tehilla Aloni

Tehilla Aloni is from Israel, a business woman, a business consultant, mom, former military boot camp instructor and judo champion.  We talk about her Jewish practice, what she values in life, and how as a boot camp instructor she transitioned to helping others achieve their goals.

Tehilla’s website

Tehilla Aloni

Story, Myth, Character vs Plot w/ Adam Sydney

Adam is a novelist and a writing educator.  We talk about the power of stories, myths, character or theme or plot based stories, and getting feedback on our stories.

Adam Sydney

Making An Impact Through Fitness w/ Brendan Welch

Brendan is assistant director of personal training and personal trainer at Xist in Arnold, MO.  We talk about fitness and how Brendan finds meaning in his life.

Brendan Welch

Vietnam, Farming, Marriage, Faith Tradition Changes w/ Herman

Herman is 75.  We talk about his time in the Vietnam war, living as a farmer, marriage late in life, and then changing from Roman Catholicism to Protestant Christianity.


What’s a Christian Attitude Toward Global Warming? w/ Alex Ditto and Joel Brown

Alex and Joel discuss global warming, or climate change.  Is it a serious concern?  What should we do?  Alex and Joel both come from a Christian world view, so the discussion is framed around what a Christian’s attitude should be.

Alex and Joel