Teaching and Training Young People w/ Tyler

Tyler is a grade school teacher and also works with youth at his church.  We talk about that and Tyler’s own journey in the Christian faith.


Living In The Unknown: Cancer w/ Brian

Brian dealt with blood cancer 2007 and then 10 years later, starting in 2017 with sarcoma cancer.  Brian talks about his experience with cancer and trusting in God.


The Jewish Faith w/ David

David is Jewish and has lived a good part of his life in Israel.  We talk about Israel, David’s time in prison and how he grew from that experience, and about what it means to be Jewish and David’s Jewish faith.


“Friendship” w/ Kimberly and Cindy

Kimberly and Cindy have been friends since they were young women.  We talk about friendship, long distant friendship, nurturing friendship, and other related topics.

Will, Cindy, and Kimberly