A Broken World & Hope w/ Christopher Thorne

Christopher is a systems engineer in the aerospace field.  We talk about the unexpected death of his wife, life afterwards with 2 young daughters, why Christopher is a Christian, and making the most of life.

Christopher Thorne

Wokeism And Need For Religion w/ neighbor, Gerald

Gerald lives down the street from me.  He  sees wokeism as a bad religion.  Gerald does not follow traditional religion but thinks that it is needed.  He thinks earth worship would be a pretty good choice for a religion.


Lives Shaped By Christianity w/ Alex and Marji

Alex and Marji both grew up in Christian homes and idea Christian surroundings and advantages.  We talk about that, it’s blessings and also challenges in life.

Marji and Alex

Finding a Real Relationship with God w/ Kathy Hawkins

Kathy grew up in religion but found a real relationship with God later in life.  She talks about her earlier years of religion and guilt and what her life is like now.

Kathy’s Real Talk YouTube playlist – link


Living To Love w/ Norm Wakefield

Norm is the executive director of Spirit of Elijah Ministries International.  He’s also the author of several books including “Equipped to Love” and “Live to Love”.  We talk about experiencing God’s love and loving others with the love he supplies.

Spirit of Elijah Ministries

Live To Love With Jesus

Norm Wakefield