Wokeism And Need For Religion w/ neighbor, Gerald

Gerald lives down the street from me.  He  sees wokeism as a bad religion.  Gerald does not follow traditional religion but thinks that it is needed.  He thinks earth worship would be a pretty good choice for a religion.


Introducing Jonathan

Jonathan is a neighbor I’ve had the privilege of getting to know.  He has mild cerebral palsy (something I kept mispronouncing during the conversation).  Jonathan has received some training at a local tech school (Rankin) for architectural work.  He’s currently trying to get a local, general labor type of job to get some work experience.  Basically, this conversation is just getting to know Jonathan a little better and introducing him to anyone who would like to listen.


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Getting To Know Klint Oldham

Klint has been living in Jefferson County his entire life. He sold firewood door-to-door in our neighborhood when he was a kid. I met Klint through our lawn business. He gave some encouragement to my son, Eddie, and I think it was well received. The beginning of this season has been a little rough. I thought I’d reach out to Klint and see if he would like to be a guests on Conversations About Life. I enjoyed this.

Getting To Know Brian O’Shea

I met Brian at the gym. Even though we enjoyed some conversations together, I don’t think I even knew his name at that point. But I asked him if he would like to be on my podcast. Brian is a Christian, and he’s also Roman Catholic, so that was interesting to me. I was interested in what Christianity is like for a fellow Christian who is of a different church tradition from me.

Near the end I talk about a discipleship group I’m interested in. If you are interested in joining me or doing something similar on your own, feel free to contact me.

The book I mentioned, Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden