Intimacy with God, Dedication to Reality w/ Read Wall

Read Wall is a physical therapist and kung fu instructor, also a husband and father.  We talk about what God is most interested in when it comes to us, and the importance of dedication to reality.

Searching For Something To Fill A Hole In the Heart w/ Steven

Steven spent much of his life in drugs and crime that eventually led him to jail after turning himself in and being convicted on multiple felony charges.  Even though Steven grew up in church and religious school, he first started reading the Bible in jail.  Steven had an encounter with God and a new life opened up to him.


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Bipolar, Connection with God, Serving Others w/ Aaron

Aaron works with mentally disadvantaged people at Ponybird, helping them to meet their goals.  Aaron struggles with bipolar disorder himself.  Bipolar has helped him to know God’s love more intimately, and trust in God has helped Aaron endure bipolar disorder.