Lot’s of Siblings, Relationships, Meaning in Life w/ Joshua

Josh grew up in a family of 17 kids.  He talks about what that was like and the relationships he has with his siblings.  We also talk about what Christianity is like for him.


Growing Up In The Jackson Household w/ Billy, Gennie, Ellie & Gracie

This episode may not be of much interest to you unless you know the Jackson’s personally.  Some of the kids talk about what it was like growing up in the Jackson home.

Family, Relationships and Personal Growth w/ Luke

Luke is a young man of 20 who is impressive in his personal growth.  We talk about that, family and friend relationships, the Christian scripture and more.


Christian Family Routine & Personal Productivity w/ Jonathan Spilger

Jonathan and I talk about the Christian Gospel, the way Christians group themselves for church meetings, his Christian family and upbringing, and his personal interest in productivity.

podcast guest
Jonathan Spilger

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