Same Sex Attraction in the Church & Living in a Sexualized Culture w/ Sean Maney

This conversation is with Sean Maney of First Light, a St. Louis based ministry that is dedicated to sexual integrity and helping people live a life according to God’s standards on sexuality.  We start off the conversation talking about the same sex attraction in the church, the idea of identifying as a celebrate gay Christian, and then move on to talk about the broader issue that First Light is involved in, which is God’s standards on sexuality for everyone.

Sean Maney

First Light Website

Relating to Transgender People, Homosexuals and Alternative Politics in a Christian Worldview w/ Alex

Alex has an academic background in Christian theology and philosophy.  We talk about relating to transgender people, pronouns, homosexual marriage and Christian anarchy.


Being Gay and Christian w/ Pastor Greg Johnson

Pastor Greg Johnson is pastor of Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Louis.  We talk about his experience as a gay man; becoming a Christian; being in the unique place of affirming the biblical view of marriage between and man and woman while also identifying as gay; and being impacted by the message of Jesus’ forgiveness, reconciliation and hope.  I hope you enjoy it.

Article by Greg Johnson in CT:

Greg’s book, “Still Time To Care: What We Can Learn From The Church’s Failed Attempt To Cure Homosexuality”

Greg Johnson

Career Changes, Jesus and Experiencing God, Same Sex Attraction w/ Jim

A enjoyed this conversation with Jim, a fellow high school student.  I enjoyed getting to know Jim through this conversation and I appreciate the frank and thoughtful way Jim participated in it.  We talk about Jim’s career change to being a mental health councilor, his experience with Christianity, and the same sex attraction the Jim experiences.