Work Place Discrimination, Panama and Hispanic Culture, Transitions in Religion w/ Robert

Robert is an investigator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  We talk about his experience as and EEOC investigator, work place discrimination, Panama (where Robert grew up), Hispanic culture, and transitioning from Roman Catholicism to non-catholic Christianity.


A Conversation About Racism w/ DeVaughn and Zoe

I enjoyed a conversation with DeVaughn and his sister Zoe about their experiences of racism and what they think the current state of racism is in the US.

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DeVaughn and Zoe

Experiencing Racism w/ Chris

Chris is a friend who didn’t think about racism too much earlier in life but has now come to think of it as a problem that needs to be addressed.  We talk about his experience of racism as a black man.

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Responding To Systematic Racism In St. Louis w/ Amanda

I enjoyed talking with Amanda. We talked about racism, especially in St. Louis, it’s recent historical causes, and ideas that could possibly help if implemented.

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Mentioned in this episode is The Gate

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