Deconstruction And Coming Back To Jesus w/ Wendy Francisco

Wendy is a musician, artist and wife of Don Francisco.  They live in  Mancos, Colorado, where they enjoy the San Juan mountains.  Wendy talks about problems she has with Christianity as it is commonly practiced today.

Wendy Francisco

One thought on “Deconstruction And Coming Back To Jesus w/ Wendy Francisco”

  1. Hi Wendy.
    Thank you for sharing about your spiritual journey.
    Your problem is that you and your husband are ‘high profile Christians’ and this sadly makes you a target for many that feel entitled to express their outrage at your ‘heretical’ positions.
    There are many ‘low profile Christians’ out there who share a lot of your views, but we are safe from the attacks of the haters because they don’t take us as seriously as you.
    God bless you.
    May your continued spiritual journey of discovery be amazing and wholesome. 🌻

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