Bob Stergos – Mentoring Young Adults By Taking Them In To Live With Family

Bob and his wife Chrissy have raised their 4 adult sons by birth and taken in an additional 5 young men to live with their family for periods of 3 to 10 years each. They both have first-hand experience with welcoming, resourcing and championing at-risk and under resourced young people into their home and family. They started an organization called “A Seat At The Table” that helps other families to mentor young adults in similar ways.

We also talk about Bob’s life and why he does what he does. It’s an encouraging conversation.

A Seat At The Table

Bob Stergos
Bob Stergos

More Talk About Relationships – Another Conversation With My Sister, Cindy

My sister, Cindy, and I talk about why relationships are important, vulnerability, dealing with resentment, and the difficulty of relating to people when experiencing depression or physical pain.  Cindy is an author and speaker.

Cindy’s book, “Reflections from the Pit”

Your Intrinsic Value and Being Genuine, with Jeff Koziatek, aka Juggling Jeff

Jeff Koziatek is author, speaker, and artist.  He strives to be a genuine and honest person.  That honest authenticity is what I enjoyed the most while spending time with Jeff.  Jeff talks about his life and growth and about the importance of understanding your personal worth.

Jeff’s book, “Blueprint For Value, 52 Habits to Discover and Strengthen Your Personal Worth”

Jeff’s website,

Jeff Koziatek
Jeff Koziatek
Jeff Koziatek and Will jackson

Helping People With Drug Addiction – CR Kersten of Adult & Teen Challenge St. Louis

CR and I talk about the residential program at Adult & Teen Challenge St. Louis, and we talk about how we should respond to friends and family who have drug addiction.  We also talk about what the Christian faith looks like in his life.

Getting To Know Klint Oldham

Klint has been living in Jefferson County his entire life. He sold firewood door-to-door in our neighborhood when he was a kid. I met Klint through our lawn business. He gave some encouragement to my son, Eddie, and I think it was well received. The beginning of this season has been a little rough. I thought I’d reach out to Klint and see if he would like to be a guests on Conversations About Life. I enjoyed this.