The Merlin Spiral and Arthur’s Blade w/ author, Robert Treskillard

I enjoyed a conversation with Robert Treskillard, author of Merlin’s Blade, Merlin’s Shadow, Merlin’s Nightmare, and now working on Arthur’s Blade.  We talk about writing, myths and story, history and legend.

author of Merlin's Spiral
Robert Treskillard

Robert’s blog

Blindness, Jiu-Jitsu, & Helping Kids w/ DeVaughn Bam Bam Smith

DeVaughn lost his sight at the age of 17.  His life turned around about that same time after he had a religious conversion experience.  DeVaughn enjoys judo, jiu-jitsu and wrestling.  He is currently going to college on a wrestling scholarship.  Someday he hopes to help kids by providing a place for them to wrestle and “rough house”.

Podcast guest
Devaughn Bam Bam Smith

The Farm, Pastoring, and Boating w/ My Mom & Dad

This is a conversation with my mom and dad, Bill & Erma Jackson.  We talk about what the farm means to them, how Dad got involved in pastoring, and their enjoyment of boating through the years.

podcast guests
Bill & Erma

A Biblically Informed Identity & Why It Matters w/ Evan

Evan is a great guy to have a conversation with.  We ramble a little and talk about a number of different things, but a big part of our conversation is about how our Christian identity of being a child of God must dictate the way we see and act in the world.

podcast guest

Reaching Out To Kids, Family Relationships, Biblical Thinking, & North St. Louis County w/ Esther Spilger

I enjoyed a very informative conversation with Esther Spilger who helps churches reach out into their communities and connect with kids.  Esther had a lot to say about her own growth.  Also, I appreciate Esther’s comments at the end about how she made a church experience more meaningful.

podcast guest
Esther Spilger