Career & Curiousity Regarding the Spine w/ Professor Stuart McGill PhD

Professor McGill shares his mentors, influences, thoughts about life, and wisdom about fitness.From,

“Dr. Stuart M. McGill is a ‘distinguished professor emeritus’, University of Waterloo, where he was a professor for 30 years. His laboratory and experimental research clinic investigated issues related to the causal mechanisms of back pain, how to rehabilitate back-pained people and enhance both injury resilience and performance. His advice is often sought by governments, corporations, legal experts, medical groups and elite athletes and teams from around the world.”

Professor Stuart McGill PHD

“Talk To Tammy” – Tammy Fadler

Tammy Fadler came to the United States from Vietnam in 1973 and has become an author, speaker and successful business woman.  We talk about all that and Tammy’s philosophy on life.

Tammy Fadler
Tammy Fadler

Tammy’s Book, “Finding The Pearl”

Tammy’s business, Signature Properties

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