A Conversation With My Dad About His Parents And Grandparents

My dad spent time during the summers with his grandmother in Annapolis, Missouri. His grandma and grandpa on his dad’s side lived in Reynolds County, and his own parents settled down in Black, Missouri.

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My Mom Talks About Her Parents And Grandparents

My mom comes from a family of preachers in the Landmark Baptist church. She talks her dad’s Christian conversion while working in a field and also her own conversion experience.

This podcast episode is sponsored by Good Value Shoes.

My Dad And Mom Talk About Growing Up

My dad and mom grew up in rural Missouri and then moved to St. Louis as young adults. We start by talking about how they met each other and got married. Then we back up and talk about their home life as children. I think there’s a lot more we could talk about, so stay tuned for more episodes.

Note: As I explain in the beginning, we had some technical problems, and the audio quality is not very good. I’m hoping these conversations will be sounding better in future episodes.

My Son and His Wife Talk About Influences In Life And Life On The Border

My son, Billy, and his wife, Sarah, live on the border of Texas/Mexico and serve at the Rio Grande Bible College. We talk about things that have influenced their lives while growing up, thoughts about illegal immigration and differences between the Latino culture and Midwest USA culture. I really enjoyed this conversation. They are a special couple. I hope you enjoy it too.

The Rio Grande Bible College

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My Sister, Cindy, Talks About Relationships with People and with God

My sister, Cindy, is a wise and articulate person.  I was privileged to have this conversation with her about relationships.  I hope you enjoy it.

Cindy’s book, “Reflections From The Pit”

Note: The audio quality of these early episodes is not very good. It gets progressively better with each episode as I learn to record and produce better audio.