How Suffering Changes Us w/ Kevin and Marissa

Kevin and Marissa talk about what their lives are all about, what makes them unique, and challenges in life. Kevin has suffered from Lyme disease for 10 years and talks about what that has been like and how it has changed him.

Kevin and Marissa

Minimalism; A Tool, Not An End w/ Matt McGuinnis

Matt McGuinnis has a strong interest in minimalism, which I can identify with as well.  We talk about how it can be helpful, and Matt’s experience with it.

Matt McGinnis

Faith and a Battle with Depression w/ Abby and guest host, Ellie

Abby and Ellie talk about Abby’s life, how she came to cherish her faith, and her current battles with depression and anxiety.

guest host and guest
Ellie and Abby

The Stuff of Life w/ John

John is in his 70’s and has a seasoned view of life that I admire.  We talk about his upbringing, his approach to life now, the things that he enjoys, and his Christianity.


Physical Connection, Relationships, Structuring Time w/ Tyler

Tyler, my neighbor and a licensed therapist, answer my questions about my own awkwardness in physical connection.  We talk about relationships and how we structure our time.