Will Jackson Photography

a bride and groom dancing their first dance in bubbles at the Mahler Ballroom in St. Louis a bride and her father getting ready for the wedding procession ring bearers in wedding procession a little girl with milk while everyone is getting ready for a wedding day a traditional Jewish dance of bride and groom at wedding reception a couple at Washington University embracing on their wedding day a kiss from father to daughter on her wedding day a portrait of a groom made on his wedding day kids on a wedding day at the Old Cathedral a couple sitting at a table with candle light a bride and bridesmaid dancing during the wedding reception a portrait of a bride on her wedding day a couple in a car with a dog a bride in her dressing room with her wedding dress hanging up


Hi! My name is Will and I photograph weddings in the St. Louis area. I've been a St. Louis wedding photographer since 1993 and I've developed a particular style over the years. One aspect of that is that I like making photographs that look "real".

My approach is largely photojournalistic. What I mean by that is I'm like a journalist, only with a camera rather than with a pen a pad. I tell stories.

St. Louis

I serve the Greater St. Louis Area with wedding photography. I'm willing to travel, but I'm pretty happy photographer being right where I am. St. Louis is a city rich in history and interesting venues. I'd like to share with you a few of my favorites.


I've been a St. Louis wedding photographer since 1993 and I've been earning a living soley from photography since 1996. It's that type of experience that developes a photographer into a professional.

What I mean by professional is more than being able to make decent photographs. Being a professional is going beyond talent and developing qualities that set a photographer apart from others for whom photography is merely an interest. Here are a couple of professional aspects you can expect from me.