The Merlin Spiral and Arthur’s Blade w/ author, Robert Treskillard

I enjoyed a conversation with Robert Treskillard, author of Merlin’s Blade, Merlin’s Shadow, Merlin’s Nightmare, and now working on Arthur’s Blade.  We talk about writing, myths and story, history and legend.

author of Merlin's Spiral
Robert Treskillard

Robert’s blog


One thought on “The Merlin Spiral and Arthur’s Blade w/ author, Robert Treskillard”

  1. I do have one correction regarding something I said wrong. At one point I said that there were 200 silent years after the Anglo-Saxons were defeated by the Celtic inhabitants of Britain. After saying this I immediately knew I had misspoken. From further research this period of silence in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle was about 70 years.

    Will, thanks so much for your podcast!

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