The Spiritual Life From Which a Fruitful One Grows with John and Louisa Lotzgesell

John and Louisa Lotzgesell serve at the Rio Grand Bible Institute along the border of Texas and Mexico. We talk about the spiritual life behind a fruitful one. John and Louisa are both very warm communicators, each in their own way, and have knowledge and wisdom about the spiritual life. It was a privilege to spend time with them.

Getting To Know Brian O’Shea

I met Brian at the gym. Even though we enjoyed some conversations together, I don’t think I even knew his name at that point. But I asked him if he would like to be on my podcast. Brian is a Christian, and he’s also Roman Catholic, so that was interesting to me. I was interested in what Christianity is like for a fellow Christian who is of a different church tradition from me.

Near the end I talk about a discipleship group I’m interested in. If you are interested in joining me or doing something similar on your own, feel free to contact me.

The book I mentioned, Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden

Wendy Sapp Talks About Becoming A Christian And Then Becoming A Pastor In An Urban Church

Wendy Sapp was the pastor of Compton Heights Baptist Church in St. Louis, MO when my wife and I were married there in 1986. I left for the navy with my new bride and have only seen Pastor Sapp a handful of times since then, so I was happy to sit down with Pastor Sapp to get to know him better. I admire the joy Pastor Sapp has in serving God.

Pastor Sapp talks about what the church is like, his growing up experience, becoming a Christian and then becoming a pastor. He also talks about his daily prayer practice.

Compton Heights Baptist Church Facebook page

Jim Cymbala’s Amazon Page

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