A Life Of Serving w/ Greg Rohde

I enjoyed sitting with Greg on his porch in a lovely South St. Louis neighborhood and talking with Greg about what’s important to him.

Greg Rohde

Greg’s website for health coaching – http://gregrohde.optavia.com/gregrohde

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One thought on “A Life Of Serving w/ Greg Rohde”

  1. In this podcast I learned of a depth with Greg that I often wondered was there. It was enlightening, refreshing, and contained great, well thought out elements of wisdom. But I am quite certain that there is more, elements that I may never learn of him, and perhaps truly none of my business or need to know of what is there, deeper in one sense, yet higher in another. Lastly I understand quite well that in a moment such as this podcast it is not possible to think of everything, or everyone. But I would have gained from hearing how the words of life written on the tombstone of his mother affected him. And lastly, I admired his father as a disciplined, keenly intelligent, dedicated man. Strangely there was no detail given about the relationship or influence upon him during his developing years.

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